You Need Video!

Video is quickly becoming the most important asset for websites and especially social media. Videos generate more click-throughs. People are more likely to remember the brands they see in videos, people spend more time watching videos than scrolling through other posts. This means people watching videos spend more time getting to know your product, company, or service!

Check out this animated video explaining a bit of why you need video and a bit about me!

Here are two videos that I made for an awesome local restaurant, Blend 111. The first is a longer, 60 second interview style video that talks about the why, and explains the who, and draws potential diners right inside of the restaurant. They are using it on their webpage. The second is a 30 second video that is Instagram gold, and would get great viewership on Facebook and other social media sites.

60 Second Interview Style Video

30 Second Promo Video

I am skilled in stop motion animation, motion graphics animations, interview videos, explainer videos, and any other type of video you envision. My background as a lawyer means that I am a good, concise writer. Before becoming a lawyer, I was a software developer and product manager so I am great at taking requirements and creating a product. I can take your ideas and craft a script for our video, or I can work with your production team to make their script and ideas come to life.

Here is a 15 second video for a pet brand, perfect for Instagram stories:

15 Second Instagram Stories Video

And, finally, a just for fun stop motion animation that I did after seeing the beautiful produce section at our local small grocery store - to get your creative energy flowing!

Eat the Rainbow Stop Motion

I offer packages ranging from single video offerings priced by the edited minute, to full content packages including video, product, and headshots. I can also be hired on retainer to continuously supply your business with fresh, fun, and beautiful content on whatever basis you need. Get in touch:!

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