Real Estate Photography for Agents, Architects, and Builders

As the daughter of an architect, our family pictures are mostly full of buildings, interesting interiors, detail shots of craftmanship, and the like. There is the occasional cameo of 5 year old me or my sister. Genetics have taken hold and in addition to my love of photographing animals - I really enjoy showing off the beauty of interior space. It is no secret that quality photographs help properties sell faster and for more money. For builders and architects, beautiful images help generate more business. Let me help you capture beautiful images of your newly remodeled home or your home that is for sale. I have a relentless eye for detail and will work hard to show the beauty of your home. I will work with the owner, agent, builder, or architect to determine areas that we want to show off. My goal is to make you love your images.

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The MLS Package!

This includes 30 images of the home suitable for posting on MLS. I will endeavor to include photographs of each room, however the agent can work with me to decide if there are certain areas that should not be included in photographs (tiny bathrooms, utility rooms, etc.) This also includes exterior shots shot at the same time of day as the interior shots. Turnaround for images is 24 hrs, unless I tell you otherwise at the time of booking. 

<3,000 sq ft: $225

3,000-5,000 sq. ft: $275

5,000-7,000 sq. ft: $350

7,000 sq. ft plus: let's talk!

Images will be available via digital download. The agent receives a license to use the images for the marketing of the home. The license is not conveyable to a new listing agent without the express written consent of Erica Everhart Photography, LLC and may require an additional fee. Images may also be available for purchase by the homeowner.

Add ons:

2-sided glossy brochures, designed by me with your branding. Proofs available within 24 hrs, printing takes up to two days, and they will be shipped via next day delivery. $100/50 brochures.

Slideshow of stills (will include some extras from the shoot that did not make the cut for the 30 MLS images), set to music: $50. Can be delivered at the same time as the stills from the MLS Package

Video walking tour of home: This is a video taken by me, using a stabilized video camera, edited in a cinematic style, set to music. It is not a 360 degree tour. $250. Five business day delivery.

Twilight exterior shots: these dramatic shots are great for showing off how beautiful your home looks lit up in the evenings. Shot at the blue hour with the lights on inside, these shots have an edge of magic to them. $100. Next day delivery.

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Architects and Builders

Contact me at to discuss your needs. Architects and builders differ from real estate agents because they need different styles of images: more detail shots, shots of only specific rooms, different licensing arrangements, etc. Pricing will depend on scope of work.

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