Online Photography Mentorships

Are you looking to take your photography to the next level?  Do you want another set of eyes (and opinions) on your portfolio?  Are you working towards a photography goal and need someone to help you along the way?  Do you want to learn the basics outside of a group class where you can help form your own syllabus and path?

I would love to help.  I am available either electronically via online resources, or locally in the Northern Virginia area.  

Portfolio Review - $150

I will review 30 images of your choosing.  You submit the images to me (I have a variety of channels to do this) and then we'll have a ~1 hr phone consultation going through the images, discussing your strengths, areas of improvement, ways to give specific photos that extra oopmh, and anything else you want to discuss.  If you're local, we can also do this in person.

4 Week Mentorship - $1000

This starts off with a portfolio review, but of only 20 or so images, primarily for me to get a sense of where you are with photography and where you want to go.  Then you have full access to me via computer - emails, IMs, etc. where you can ask me all of the questions.  I will give you somewhere between 4-8 assignments to complete over the course of the 4 weeks, this depends largely on how quickly you want to work.  We'll talk weekly via phone about your assignments and figure out each week where you want to go from there.

Longer term mentorships and other mentorship structures can also be arranged.

Contact me using the link on the left , or email

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