Creating Compelling Photographs

Over the years, I've gotten many requests to run a class on how to take great pictures.  I'm thrilled to start offering these workshops!  First up for fall of 2017 is a class on manual exposure. In the hopper for the rest of the year is a level 2 class to expand your photography after you are comfortable in manual mode, and also a photo editing class! Shoot me an email if either of these two classes interest you and I will make sure you're in the loop on proposed dates so that we can hopefully align the stars and make it happen!

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Off of Auto - Take Control of your Camera!

The first step in creating compelling photographs is to get an understanding of the exposure triangle (aperture, ISO, shutter speed) and learn what modes work best for you, and how to adjust the dials on your camera to accomplish your goals. Whether you want to shoot in full manual mode, or somewhere in between manual and auto, you should have a good understanding of what options you have and what choices to make to accomplish your vision.       

This class is a 3 week class where we will explore the exposure triangle in depth, with hands on exercises, projects, and a Facebook group where you can ask me any questions you want (non-Facebook users are free to email, but will miss out on any group discussions that take place on Facebook).

 This is a mix of lecture and hands-on activities to teach you how aperture, ISO, and shutter speed work together to get a proper exposure with the intended effects. Week 1, we will work on aperture.  Week 2 we will work on shutter speed, and in Week 3 we will work on putting it all together and shooting in full manual mode. This course includes helpful critiques of your images, and the Facebook group will remain open indefinitely (subject to whatever changes Facebook ever makes) for you to ask me questions.

Dates:  October 21, 28, and November 11

Location:  Play, Work, or Dash - 8214 Old Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA 22182.

Time: 3:30 - 5:00pm

Cost:  $200/participant 

Limited to 8 participants! 

Register by sending me an email - erica at ericaeverhart dot com. Once I receive your email, I'll generate an invoice. Once your invoice is paid, your spot will be reserved. 

Photo Editing in Lightroom 

In this 3 week class, we'll learn about photo editing by using the Adobe Lightroom software. Much of what I teach will be easily transferred to Adobe Photoshop/CameraRAW since I will aim to teach the why along with the how. Lightroom is the software that I use for 90% of my photo edits. 

We will cover the import, tagging, and photo-organization aspect of Lightroom as well as all of the sliders and tools you can use to polish and hone your vision. I will not be covering presets, except to the extent of showing you how to create your own presets and how to modify presets that come with Lightroom or that you purchase.

My goal with this class is to teach you how to use the tool to make the image on the screen look more like the one in your head when you clicked the shutter. 

If time allows, I will also show you how I integrate Photoshop into my workflow.

For this class, Lightroom would (obviously) be highly beneficial. I will be mirroring my screen on the scree in the conference room to show you the "how" but you are also welcome to bring your own laptop so that you can ask me questions during the class.

This class is suitable for beginning photographers as well as advanced photographers. Beginners might be a little confused when we discuss the tone curves, exposure, etc., but I think would catch on rather quickly.

This class will also have a Facebook group for participants to ask questions during the week,  share images, share successes, failures, and frustrations.

Dates: October 21, 28, and November 11

Location: Play, Work, or Dash 8214 Old Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA 22182

Time: 2:00-3:00pm

Cost: $150/participant

Limited to 6 participants!

Register by sending me an email - erica at ericaeverhart dot com. Once I receive your email, I will generate an invoice and once paid, your spot will be reserved.

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