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About Me - A DC Area Photographer

I am a person who likes to laugh (a lot), who enjoys watching the endless stream of birds at my backyard feeders, who actually likes watching the deer and rabbits destroy my carefully planted landscaping, who treats my dog almost as well as my kids, and who wants to know something about everything. I have the memory of a goldfish, though, so I’m always (re)learning new things!

I use my camera to capture these things that bring me joy – whether they’re a can opener or a moose. I find joy in the textures, colors, and details of ordinary items around me and the extraordinary elements of nature. Animals both fascinate me and make me laugh (it should be known, however, that snakes fascinate me, but have yet to ever make me laugh). The friendships, smiles, and excitements of childhood make my heart happy. The tantrums, not so much. Every spring I get downright giddy with the greens and pinks that start to show up. Nearly every night I drag my family to the window to look at the beautiful colors of the sky around dusk.

I love to see the world in color. My pictures primarily use bright colors to relate the delights I find. There is beauty in details and I love and employ black and white photography, too, for the details it brings out when you strip out the colors.

In this super busy rat race, photography is what makes me slow down and breathe. I use it to remember all of the good – and with my aforementioned goldfish-sized memory, I have to take an awful lot of pictures. My hope is that others can take some happiness and joy from my photographs.

In addition to taking pictures, I really enjoy teaching others how to take pictures. So many of us are running around with fancy-pants cameras but not exploiting all of their many features! It makes me sad to see a camera on P or Auto mode. Set it free! In my spare time, when I’m not taking pictures, I’m a lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia specializing in trusts and estates and business law.

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